Water is a common feature in Fusionmind that serves as a beverage, ingredient, breakup between landmasses, and a more realistic effect on the game world as a whole in both appearance and ambient sounds.

As a beverage Edit

Water serves as the base of all beverages, and is required to be consumed from time to time in order to keep the player alive. It is sold at supermarkets, markets, vending machines, and can be found at any time by using a sink.

As an ingredient Edit

Water is used in the making of many different foods and other items. Typically, a food will require some usage of water, even if water is not in the final product (take mac and cheese for example).

In the game world Edit

Water, as a part of the game world, is normally partially transparent and highly reflective. The player can swim in and under this water, and underwater exploration can be enhanced with submersible vehicles and Scuba suits. Large bodies of water are often inhabited by sea creatures that can be interacted with.