Wilson borough001

Wilson is a borough in the eastern part of Big City in Fusionmind. It borders Canal to the southwest, Johnson to the west, and Harris to the north.

Character and Places of Interest Edit

Wilson is the easternmost part of Big City, sporting narrow roads and smaller, dirtier buildings. There is a sizable park in the southeastern corner, and many of the streets are connected by tunnels between buildings.

Wilson is noticeably quiet during the nighttime hours. It is also the location of many unsettling events occurring. If the player attempts to visit the Cafe Baltic near the large, empty concrete field (as seen in the picture) from 3 AM to 4 AM, a startling scream can be heard from inside the building, and the player will be thrown a few feet from the entrance. If the player is already inside the cafe and it turns to 3 AM, they will be attacked by an Undead Stalker.

Also accessible from the concrete field is an entrance to a set of hollow concrete rooms. There is a garage door inside these rooms that features a streak of blood in front of it. If the player interacts with the door, they will find it is locked as a creepy, demonic laugh is heard from the other side. There is also a door in these tunnels that is said to transport the player to the southern end of Wilson, though this has not been explicitly proven.

Trivia Edit

  • On the largest "dirty" building in Wilson, one can see graffiti beneath the ledge reading "BREEDING GROUND FOR DANGEROUS TRUTH/DARE GAMES!!!" This is a reference to the M&C episode "Strangled," which opens on a similar ledge in a very similar area.